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Make light work of multi-cloud tasks 
with automation and gamification-powered rewards.

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Approval Alerts

More Optimization, Less Effort

Vega Operate combines the multi-cloud visibility of Vega Inform with recommendations generated by Vega Optimize to automate corrective actions. Pre-defined, rule-based logic automatically addresses repetitive optimization processes to reduce or eliminate time-consuming tasks. Human error is minimized and bottlenecks are removed to accelerate time to value. Approvals are required for more complex or potentially high-risk tasks.



Auto-Park Processes Across AWS, Azure, & Google

Fully automate parking processes with the Vega Operate customizable scheduler. Allow cross-functional teams access to their own self-service scheduler by segmenting cloud environments into spaces, workloads, and satellites.


Cloud Heroes

Level-Up Performance with Gamification Rewards

Motivate action across teams using a little healthy competition. Goals are automatically generated based on recommendations delivered by Vega Operate. The gamification-powered rewards empower teams to hit their goals with real-time visibility into performance.

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