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Activate streamlined cloud management with powerful solutions for optimization and benchmarking.

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Quickly Prioritize Engineering Tasks

Vega Optimize combines the multi-cloud visibility of Vega Inform with client-specific metadata and third-party tools to generate weighted recommendations tailored to your business targets. Improvements are prioritized based on the highest value and level of complexity to accelerate decisions and time to value.


Tailored Reports

Analyze Only What Matters

Focus on answering specific questions instead of mastering tools. Get data in the proper context for your role and responsibilities with self-service customization for deeper investigation. Executives, engineers, finance, procurement—everyone works from a single source of truth. The information they receive is relevant to pre-delivered KPIs, metrics, and recommendations.


Triggered Alerts

Corrective Recommendations Triggered by KPIs

Key performance indicators (KPIs) identify where you have been and where you are headed so you can take early corrective action or achieve desired outcomes faster.


Triggered Invoice Alerts

Automated Invoice Verification

An invoice may have errors like misapplied credits, or rates, which can go unnoticed unless someone is actively auditing them. Vega Optimize inspects and verifies cloud invoices against cost, quantity, and quality and sends alerts only when anomalies are detected.

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